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Las Gaviotas HOA Rules and Regulation.

1. Noise: Quiet Time 10pm – 8am. Nuisance noise levels are prohibited.

2. Home Occupancy: Two persons per legal bedroom.

3. Speed Limit: 8 miles per hour.

4. Vehicles & Parking: All vehicles must have a “Vehicle Permit” on windshield. Two vehicles per home. Excess vehicles park outside complex. Motor homes, campers, trailers and buses not permitted. Motor cycles used between home and gate only.Vehicles impeding traffic will be towed.

5. Visual Nuisance: Laundry, wetsuits & towels hanging on railings and parapets is prohibited.

6. Public Behavior: Disorderly conduct, public nudity, illegal drug use, bribery are prohibited. Law enforcement will be called.

7. Misconduct: Physically threatening a person is prohibited. Law enforcement will be called.

8. Glass Containers: Prohibited outside of homes in Common Areas.

9. Fireworks: No fireworks or exploding devices allowed at any time.

10. Animals: Renters, guests and visitors cannot have pets in the complex.

10. Animals: Renters, guests and visitors cannot have pets in the complex.

11. Fire Pits: To be attended at all times. No roof top fire pits allowed.

12. Pool: Hours 8am to Midnight. No wetsuits. Diapered children prohibited in pool. Children under 13 years must have adult supervision. Posted rules apply.

13. Spa: Hours 8am to Midnight. No wetsuits. No children under 15years. Posted rules apply.

14. Beach: Hours 6am to Midnight. Fires in fire rings only.

15. Children’s Playground and Putting Green: Hours 9am to 6pm. Posted rules apply.

16. Tennis Court: Hours 8am to 10pm. Tennis only. Tennis footwear required.

Posted rules apply.

17. Streets and Walkways: Skates, skateboards, rollerblades prohibited. Bicycles & golf carts are restricted to streets only.

18. Umbrellas: Blocking forward ocean views is prohibited.

19. Flags/Banners Displays: Prohibited.

20. Members Facilities Only: Library, computer room and Gym. Minors must be accompanied by Owners.

21. Soliciting/Vendors: Written approval from Administrator required.

22. Visitors: Renters can’t have any visitors

Las Gaviotas HOA Fines

The Rules of Las Gaviotas are a matter of common sense & safety.

Violations will result in fines being assessed to the homeowner. Repeated or serious violations may result in Mexican Law Enforcement being called and removal from Las Gaviotas.

Las Gaviotas Security Guards have the power to arrest.

These rules apply to both Homeowners and Guests in the community.

Rules are strictly enforced at all times.

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